The phone, email, text and PM have been “ringing off the hook” this week, as the word gets out throughout the Bay Area that we ARE holding our 10th Annual San Francisco Bay Osprey Days, June 24-26, 2022. And, friends have been posting and telling us where they have seen osprey nesting in the Bay. Here’s local Vallejo resident, Jimmy Sarmiento’s Facebook post “Memory” that came up. This is by far, the biggest “WOW!!” photo I have ever seen of an osprey with a fish. It is also a great story as Jimmy tells it. I am eager to return to our Mare Island Shoreline Heritage Preserve visitor center, because inside it’s doors, we have been locked out of by the City of Vallejo since September 2019, is a fabulous custom print on aluminum of this photo. It is stunning!!

Catch of the Day by Jimmy Sarmiento

Came home late yesterday (6/17/15), but decided to take Jack for a walk since I haven’t paid much attention to him all  day.  As usual, I had a camera with me.  Just after 7:00 PM, about 45 minutes into our walk, I saw this “incoming”, something that reminded me of a torpedo plane.  Good thing Jack is trained to sit still on command while I take my shots.

Lucky for the opportunity to capture this amazing sight, standing no more than 100 feet from my bedroom.   This Osprey has a heavy load, and appears to be panting from the effort.  This is really a big striped bass.

Canon 7D Mark II with 400mm f/5.6L  lens + 1.4 teleconverter