This is the history of the Mare Island Preserve as provided by Mare Island Project Manager Erin Hanford to Stacy Madigan and Nathan Bergeron of the Nimitz Group.  Compare and contrast this with the history in the 5/28/19 City Staff Mare Island RFQ Report.

Hi Nate and Stacy,

Following up on our meeting today, I wanted to ensure you had the full history of the Mare Island Preserve. Below is a timeline of events and attached are the key reports mentioned.

· 1994 Final Reuse Plan for Mare Island designated 215 acres as a future Regional Park (Reuse Area 12)

· 2001 and 2003 Navy grants 112 acres to the City via a quitclaim deed. Additional Regional Park lands to be transferred once cleanup complete.

· 4/2003 Mayor forms MI Regional Park Task Force to develop course of action for development of Park.

· 7/2006 Task Force completes their investigation and delivers draft report to City staff.

· 1/2007: City enters into agreement with Dangermond Group to prepare Final MI Regional Park Task Force Report that was to serve as foundation for implementing a working Master Plan for the creation of the future Regional Park. Report formerly names park as the Mare Island Shoreline Heritage Preserve (’Preserve’). Goals include:

1. Preserve and revitalize the Navy’s ordnance manufacturing area.

2. Preserve open space and protect natural resources by ensuring compatible public uses

3. Establish creative mechanisms for funding to refurbish and maintain the park

4. Educational values and outreach such as an interpretive exhibition center for schools.

5. Community-based stewardship through public involvement and volunteerism. Support and Assistance through partnerships and consultant services.

6. Public education of inherent risks.

· 12/11/07 Council accepts the MI Regional Park Task Force Report (Council Resolution 07-326 Accepting Task Force Report) and directs staff to form MI Shoreline Heritage Preserve Advisory Board and to return with recommendations for operations and management of Preserve.

· 3/2008 (3 months later) Council approves appointment of 18-member Advisory Board and tasks them to develop recommendations for the Preserve’s long-term management, including a plan for financing the formation and initial expenses of the organization.

· 9/16/2008 Council accepts the Mare Island Regional Park Task Force Report that recommends initial formation of an Interim Catalyst Group to “provide a bridge” from the Advisory Board to a long term management partnership. City was to develop a short term renewable license process for this Group and organizations and individuals to allow for the use of the Preserve for events, and also establish a process to provide a legal framework for future solicitation of funds and donations for the establishment of the long-term managing organization. The City never formally identified a non-profit managing organization, nor execute an MOA or long term lease agreement with a park operator.

· 2010 MIHT begins operations at Preserve under a “gentleman’s agreement”, informally undertaking some of the interim operations functions discussed in the Task Force and Advisory Reports.

Thanks and please let me know if you have any questions.


Erin Hanford

Mare Island Project Manager

City of Vallejo | Economic Development Department