In order to better understand the history of the Mare Island Preserve, be sure to read the following documents.  The community has spent a lot of time envisioning the best use and management of the Preserve.  It’s important we don’t lose sight of that.

The Mare Island Shoreline Heritage Preserve Advisory Board Report released in August 2008 recommended a joint management approach involving a nonprofit created specifically to manage the Preserve, collaborating closely with the City of Vallejo and other governmental entities as appropriate. However, this has not happened due to the serious financial issues that led the City into bankruptcy and the lean financial times that followed.

Mare Island Regional Park Task Force Report released in December 2007, represents an important milestone in an extensive process of a community reclaiming a significant resource area for public use and benefit. Its content incorporates a distillation of over four years of long hours, hard work and active contributions by an appointed taskforce committee, City staff, volunteers and other stakeholders and contributors. The document is an interim product that is intended to further the overall process of creating a Mare Island Regional Park thus moving closer towards the park’’s opening for public uses and appreciation.  A shorter narrative (Mare Island Narrative) of this report is also available.

There has also been significant employee turnover related to the bankruptcy and for other reasons. This has led to a lack of consistent understanding of the values and purposes of the Preserve, and how the Mare Island Heritage Trust protects public resources and educates the public about the property and its value.