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Flyway Festival is Back! Saturday, February 8, 2020

Flyway Festival is Back! Saturday, February 8, 2020

25th Annual Flyway Festival, One Day Only! Saturday, February 8, 2020. Vallejo Veterans Hall, 420 Admiral Callaghan Lane, Vallejo. Located halfway between Georgia Street and Redwood Parkway (overlooking I-80) Help Preserve the Preserve. Sign our petition:...

Where’s post fire ecology for the Preserve?

Where’s post fire ecology for the Preserve?

Let’s recall for a moment, WHY we created our petition to Reopen the Mare Island Preserve Now! on Thanksgiving weekend 2019. Simple. Not in ANY way because we are blaming the Mayor, City Council or Staff for their decision to address post September 2019 fire issues in...

Direct Response to Staff Report to Council Regarding Preserve

On December 6th, Will Morat, Assistant to the City Manager updated the Mayor and Members of the City Council on the status of the Mare Island Preserve. The Mare Island Heritage Trust who, according to City staff, has been tasked with "informally undertaking interim...

San Francisco Bay Flyway Festival Cancelled

Only Free Bird-Watching Festival in U.S. with More Than 1.25 Million Migrating Birds Falls Victim to Vallejo & Developer Dealing, Charge Environmentalists VALLEJO – The 25th annual San Francisco Bay Flyway Festival, the only free bird watching festival in the...

Letter to City Council and Mayor

TO: Bob Sampayan, Mayor City of Vallejo (with copies to City Council and City Manager) December 1, 2019 Dear Mayor Sampayan, I am writing to express my consternation regarding the recent closure of the Mare Island Preserve. I recently...

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