Letter from Stan Clark Creator of Astro Botanicals

Dear Mayor of Vallejo, City Council and City Management Staff

Please protect the Mare Island Heritage Preserve. Develop the rest of the island to its fullest extent, but please do more to support the most beautiful and unique property in Vallejo. It is the public land that has the highest return for the simplest management. Myrna Hayes deserves our thanks for her service and vision, and deserves apologies for the city’s failure to fully support her efforts. She is the best director, host and tour guide for the Preserve and with support from the city she could do so much more. Management possibilities would be improved with water and electricity provided to the Preserve.

Please make sure that Myrna can continue to provide her extremely valuable historical knowledge and enthusiasm. If the plan for the Heritage Preserve needs to change, please make sure that there is a place for her to continue to speak for the land, and include her in the decision process. If the land becomes a Regional Park, she would still be the ideal director.

The Nature available there is an extremely valuable and precious community space. It is not something that should just be managed as a commercial space or an amusement park. It is a place of healing and needs a caretaker who truly loves and knows the land. If Myrna had been supported by the city all these years, she would have been able to make more progress. Please recognize her as the best steward of the land and do what you can to protect the sacred community space.

I support the priorities of people over corporations and the need to include the people in the process, and to consider their opinions and needs as at least as important as the large scale agenda.

Thank you for your time and your service.
See you at the Preserve!

Stan Clark
Creator of Astro Botanicals