Are you as absolutely astonished as I am at how our petition to the Mayor and City Council of Vallejo, asking them to help us Reopen our Mare Island Preserve Now, is resonating with thousands?

More than 3,200 of you have signed the Preserve the Mare Island Preserve as of January 9, 2020!

We now have the City of Vallejo’s attention, thanks to you.

You who have signed and shared, have sent your message. You who will sign right now, or maybe another time that’s a bit more convenient or when you can compose from your heart, what the Preserve means to you. You who will share with friends, colleagues, family, church folks, people you go to school with. We. All. All of us. We All matter. Our voice counts. We. Love. Our sacred place of healing and play. Our place we walk and talk. Our lands we trek and skies we turn towards.

This is our land. It does not belong to City Hall. It is our land. Public land. Even while closed due to safety concerns, it is still our land. We need to and have the right to scrutinize the safety efforts and most importantly, the restoration plans.

The Mare Island Preserve belongs to you and me. Don’t even get me started!!! Join me. Will you? Sign and share now so we can be a part of OUR land, forever. So may it be.

Go to this link:

Original message from Myrna Hayes, co-founder and volunteer Preserve Manager 2007-2019.

Among other things, Myrna was appointed as a Member, Mayor’s Mare Island Regional Park Taskforce, 2003-2007. Co-Chair Mare Island Regional Park Advisory Board. 2007-2008. Co-Chair, Mare Island Naval Shipyard Restoration Advisory Board, 1994-2019.

Co-founder and Director, San Francisco Bay Flyway Festival. 1996-2020 (well, if the City of Vallejo cooperates, there will be a 2020 Festival…). President, Mare Island Heritage Trust, 2009-2019.