Hi and good afternoon, My Mare Island Shoreline Heritage Preserve Users! We are so close, we are holding our breath (well, almost). Think about starting out in December of 2019 when we started this online effort with one, just one signature to return our nonprofit land trust, the Mare Island Heritage Trust, to the management of the Mare Island Preserve. Now, we are closing in on, so very close to 10,000. We CAN do this. Notice that our original post says, Reopen Mare Island Preserve Now! Lots of people think that because the City of Vallejo public works department did eventually open the Preserve back up, that we are finished. Oh, Hell NO!

Please click, sign and shareChange.org petition

Far, far from completing our mission. You see, we opened this beautiful and sacred lands to the public 15 years ago this year. It was to honor the land, the nature, the cultural and archeological history, the scenic vistas and the recreation opportunities. Virtually all of those values for which we opened the Preserve for the first time in 150 years, and now, 165 years this year, are threatened.

We need to return as the caring, skilled, trusted and fun-loving land trust. We need to open the Preserve late, so that you can view the sunset from the 7-county 360 panoramic view at the top of the hill. Do you realize that you have not gotten to see the sun set over the San Pablo Bay, Mt. Tamalpais, the Coast Range, in nearly 3 years?! That’s just not right. No visitor center, no wayfinding or interpretive signs, no tables and chairs, no weddings, no camping. What’s going on??? You and we who founded, funded and operated the wildlands community that together we had created, can do this, again. Sign and share this petition. Today. Tomorrow, we will have reached 10,000 signatures. Our goal. And, thank you. thank you, thank you! Myrna Hayes, Founding Manager, Mare Island Heritage Trust, 707-249-9633 myrnahayes@mac.com